Those who do not want to imitate anything,

produce nothing.

Salvador Dali

I shut my
in order to
Paul Gaugain

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Beautifull This is how I perceive my life now. An artistic and human value that I believe in and that I’m going to reveal to you. A springing power deep inside my soul, I would say sometimes unstoppable sometimes stressed by a pertinence inspired by nature or a lifetime education. There are many beautiful things on Earth and I find them in anything material and spiritual. I alternate all things so that it seems always to start over. I create, paint, draw , sew or craft, share what I know, and all this only to find what I am looking for:

serenity and spiritual peace, kindness, satisfaction, joy, longing, love, beauty.

I bring a personal and effective approach

to every project I work on, which is why

my clients love me

and why they keep coming back.

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I love Harley Davidson

A painting is never

finished – it simply

stops in interesting places.

Paul Gardner

My | Services

No matter if it is interior or exterior design, product design, decor or fashion.

I love them all .

Creating, designing, painting, sewing, crafting

there are all my hobby since I know my self and always a challenge. I can’t stop mixing them.

Teaching, leading, sharing are also part of this interdisciplinary process.

I would say a very inspiring combination, an interrelationship between this elements that completed me and make me the professional witch I am today.

An array of services designed to meet your specific needs:

Interior and exterior design : commercial and home styling and staging, kitchen, bathroom and all renovations, elevations and 3-D plans, colour consultations for the interior and exterior of your home, market study, customer assistance and budget calculation and supervision of the work crew in order to meet the target.

Conceptual product design: Conception and execution of decorating object for home as for the garden:Furniture design (eg. Vlahia Inn Pension), wrought iron furniture ( railings, canopy, couches, and other decorations), lighting, paintings on canvas or on the walls, mini-ponds and other elements for garden and home decoration.

Renovation and enviro – friendly design: recycling or reinterpreting existing furniture.

Windows treatment:custom made draperies, bedding, cushions.

Fashion design: conception and execution of dressings, salsa costumes and other clothing and accessories.

Decoration projectswith Christian Celebration Theme ( for Christmas, Easter, weddings..).

Creativity courses for preschool children * By Club Micheline Art & Craft “Little craftsmen” – creativity courses,

I tried to create an alternative to the learning system with regards to the last stage of preschool. I proposed a theory regarding the development of the intellectual processes through the stimulation of an algorithmic thinking on the way of Creativity. Understanding the working stages and the order to follow them in obtaining finished products (in this case, decorative objects on very diverse themes, from painting on wooden toys and silk scarves to painting on canvas following the traces of the world greatest artists) combined with the pleasure of making things with their own hands and the possibility to freely express themselves were the main paths to achieve this objective. Besides, a whole series of different specific ways that cross the traditional borders lead to the accomplishment of collateral objectives , that are very important for the education of these little children who deserve all our respect and attention.
A very complex process in which children have learned Math, Chemistry, Physics, the letters of the alphabet, art history and so on, in the most simply, natural way without realizing it. One way in which children were treated equally no matter their talent, because the talent was not a criterion for selection or trial. I offered them a calm and safe environment, made them fill encouraged and there wasn’t any question about whether anyone could ever pull behind someone else.

Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows.

Pablo Picasso

Club | Micheline

Club Micheline Art & Craft – “Little craftsmen”

creativity courses

An alternative to the learning system

with regards to the last stage of preschool.

A theory

regarding the development of the intellectual processes

through the stimulation of an algorithmic thinking on the way of creativity

Video: Cursul de Creativitate ” Club Micheline Art & Craft – micii mestesugari ” / Creativity Courses “Club Micheline Art & Craft – little craftmen”

You must have chaos
within you to give birth to a

dancing star.

Fredrich Nietzsche

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Drawing is the honesty of the art.

There is no possibility of cheating:

It is either good or bad.

Salvador Dali